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Our clients have consistently praised our recruitment services, noting our professionalism, attention to detail and ability to find the best possible talent for their specific needs. We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our clients and the positive impact we have on their businesses. Here are some of the testimonials from our satisfied clients.


I am pleased to recommend Globeria Global Consultancy, an international recruitment agency specializing in the placement of talented professionals with blue-chip employers in Germany. Globeria Global Consultancy's team consists of highly qualified and experienced recruiters who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities associated with international staffing. One of Globeria Global Consultancy's key strengths is their extensive network of contacts and resources, which enables them to find and place highly qualified professionals.      

Ms. J. Martin, Local Recruiter, Germany

Honestly, Globeria Global has exceeded our expectations in recruiting factory workers from abroad due to the lack of good personnel locally. We were impressed with the variety of highly qualified and skilled candidates they provided. We appreciated the timely and effective communication throughout the recruitment process, which made it a seamless experience for us. The Globeria team comes highly recommended to help us with the current staffing shortage situation in Germany.  

Mr. S. Köhler, Warehouse Manager, Furniture Manufacturer

Working with Globeria Global has been a great experience in recruiting factory workers for our company. For a long time we had difficulties in finding workers for our company. The candidates they presented to us were all highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. With their help, we were able to fill our factory worker positions with talented individuals who fit our company culture. Communicating in the native German language with the globeria staff was an additional asset.      

Ms. R. Werner, Managing Director, Cosmetics Manufacturer

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Globeria team for their exceptional service to our company. Their selection process ensured that only the best candidates were presented to us for selection. Thanks to their efforts, we are now able to find candidates on a regular basis with the help of Globeria. I highly recommend Globeria Global to any company looking for a reliable and professional international recruiting partner.        

Mr. K. Schulze, General Director for Recruitment

I highly recommend Globeria Global Firm for their exceptional service and commitment to finding the best talent. Their team of experts took the time to understand our unique hiring needs and provided us with a pool of highly qualified candidates. The communication and support we received throughout the hiring process was outstanding, and they were always available to answer our questions and provide guidance.      

Mr. J. Meyer, Head of Human Resources Management, Warehouse, Hamburg