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We implement an outstanding workflow for all our international recruitments.

Our outstanding recruiting processes are perfectly aligned with international applicants. We focus on diversity and inclusion to attract the best talent worldwide. Our excellent processes ensure that we select the right candidates for our employers.

  • Cost-effective services.
  • High quality staff that exactly meets your requirements.
  • Intensive training of language adoptions.
  • All services under one roof, from job description to final joining of staff.
  • Our professional follows all ethical procedures.

The process begins with the exchange of the "Job description".

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Discussion with employer to learn about the job description.

We begin the process with an in-depth conversation with the client to understand their international hiring needs, including job duties, qualifications and cultural fit.


Search for candidates from the international personal network

Using different channels for candidate search in collaboration with professional networks to find potential candidates that match your requirements, through our presence in countries such as India.


Selection and screening of applicants

Reviewing resumes and applications to shortlist candidates that meet the client's criteria. Conduct initial interviews to assess skills, experience and language proficiency.


Conducting client interviews with applicants

Coordinate interviews between shortlisted candidates and the client, often using video conferencing for international candidates.


Evaluation and reference checks

Conduct competency assessments and reference checks to verify qualifications and work history of selected applicants.


Visa and immigration support

Assist selected applicants and employers with visa applications and immigration paperwork, and provide legal advice throughout the process.


Orientation and training

Orientation and training of the employee to adapt to the new work environment, culture and tasks before coming to Germany.


Ongoing support

Provide ongoing support to the employee or employer on issues related to visa documents, logistics, etc. to facilitate a smooth onboarding of the applicant.


Final joining

Facilitate the employee's final entry by ensuring all required paperwork is completed and the employee is ready to effectively integrate into the organization.

We also work on employer-specific requirements and offer custom workflows of our recruitment services.