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Important information for hiring nurses in Germany

These FAQs provide an overview of important information for those seeking employment as a nurse in Germany. If you have any further questions, the GloberiaGlobal team will be happy to help you.


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Krankenschwester Jobs in Deutschland

To apply to GloberiaGlobal for a position as a nurse in Germany, first send copies of your current CV, language certificate, nursing degree and professional qualifications to jobs@globeriaglobal.de. Regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, all are encouraged to apply. If your profile matches the employer's requirements, GloberiaGlobal will conduct a video pre-interview to assess your language skills and credentials. Upon successful completion, we will arrange an interview with the employer's HR department. If you are selected, GloberiaGlobal will assist you in applying for your visa documents for approval by the embassy. Once all requirements are met, you will be able to work in a healthcare facility in Germany and we will support you throughout your journey.

Our team will provide you with comprehensive support in the recognition of your qualifications and ensure that your certificates meet the standards set by the German authorities to enable you to make a smooth transition into the German healthcare system. This service also includes the translation of all your documents into German from a certified source to meet the legal requirements for processing nursing applications in Germany.

Nurses must have at least B1/B2 level German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This ensures effective communication with patients, colleagues and other medical professionals.

Exactly. We offer support and resources to help nurses prepare for language exams and ensure they meet the language requirements needed to successfully integrate into the German healthcare workforce.

GloberiaGlobal places a range of nursing jobs, including registered nurses, specialized nurses and nursing assistants in various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

The length of time varies, but we strive for an efficient process. From initial application to placement, our team works diligently to expedite recruitment, taking into account factors such as skills recognition and job availability.

We offer comprehensive relocation support, including advice on visa applications, accommodation options and orientation to the German healthcare system to ensure a smooth transition for nurses relocating to Germany.

Certainly. We help nurses apply for work permits and visas to ensure compliance with German immigration regulations and facilitate a hassle-free relocation.

Once you are working in a healthcare facility in Germany, the path to becoming a registered nurse is simple. If you have a B1 language certificate, you need to move up to B2. If you already have B2, the next step is to prepare for the State Examination for Nursing. Passing this exam is crucial in order to be officially licensed as a nurse. It not only upgrades your current job, but also opens up more opportunities for your future career in Germany.

Our experienced team negotiates favorable working conditions on behalf of nurses, taking into account salary, benefits, working hours and other relevant aspects to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial employment contract.

We offer cultural orientation programs to help nurses acclimate to the German healthcare culture to promote a smooth transition and ensure they feel safe and comfortable in their new work environment.

Our commitment goes beyond placement. We provide ongoing support to nurses by addressing any challenges they face in their new role, offering them professional development opportunities and ensuring overall job satisfaction.

Absolutely. We actively promote the professional development and growth of nurses by providing them with access to training programs, workshops and opportunities for advancement within the German healthcare system.

Our team closely follows industry trends, policy changes and developments in the healthcare sector in Germany to ensure that our recruitment strategies are in line with the latest healthcare requirements and opportunities.

Yes, we know how important the family is. We offer support and advice for nurses with family members relocating to Germany, including information on schooling opportunities, healthcare and the general integration of the family into German society.

GloberiaGlobal stands out for its personalized approach, comprehensive support services and commitment to ethical recruitment practices. We prioritize the well-being and success of our nurses and ensure a positive and fulfilling professional experience in Germany.

At GloberiaGlobal, we work according to a fair and transparent recruitment model. There is no cost to applicants for our services. We uphold ethical practices by being compensated through service fees by healthcare employers who utilize our expertise in successfully placing caregivers. We are committed to putting the interests of candidates and employers first and ensuring a fair and equitable recruitment process for all parties involved.

The average starting salary for nurses placed by GloberiaGlobal in Germany is typically between €2,800 and €3,500 per month with optional benefits. This competitive salary reflects the valued contribution our nurses make to the German healthcare system and is in line with industry standards, providing financial stability for our candidates.

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