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Recruitment Agency for Doctors / Assistant Doctors in Germany

Connecting Doctors and Healthcare Facilities of all sizes throughout Germany.

Our main focus is on the fast and efficient placement of highly qualified specialists for medical positions. In the dynamic healthcare sector in Germany, finding the right doctors in a timely manner is crucial for the smooth operation of medical facilities in Germany. We act as an intermediary, bringing qualified doctors and healthcare facilities together and simplifying the recruitment process for both parties. Whether you are a healthcare facility looking for the perfect addition to your team or a physician seeking new opportunities, we offer a comprehensive solution.

GloberiaGlobal Specialization

  • Recruitment of Doctors.
  • Recruitment of Assistant Doctors.
  • Recruitment of Specialist Doctors.
  • Recruitment of FSA-certified Doctors.
  • Recruitment of Foreign Doctors.
  • Support for Foreign Doctors with specialist language examinations (Fachsprachprüfung) (FSP).
  • Support for all documentation & paper work.
  • Support for Visa & Initial registerations in Germany.
  • Integration support for Doctors with Germany healthcare systems.
  • Arrangement of Hospitations for Doctors.
Vermittlungsagentur für ausländische Ärzte in Deutschland
Simplifying The Recruitment Process of Doctors from Germany and Abroad

We strive to ensure our customers' success by filling open positions with highly qualified medical talent


Finding and Choosing the Doctor

Our expertise lies in the search and selection of qualified doctors for hospitals in Germany. We make the recruitment process easier for hospitals by identifying and selecting competent medical professionals. Rely on our services to meet your medical staffing needs and promote a successful partnership between doctors and hospitals in Germany.


Compliance verification for selected Doctors

Our compliance checks for selected doctors ensure the highest standards. We ensure that all doctors we place comply with applicable regulations to ensure quality and safety in healthcare. This includes the doctoral title, the examination requirements and the approvals. We follow all different compliance regulations for European and non-European doctors.


Offer negotiation, visa and final appointment of doctors

Our experts take care of offer negotiations, visa applications and the final recruitment process for doctors. We ensure that all steps run smoothly so that the doctors can be successfully integrated into their new position with the employer. This includes the offer letter, visa documentation, legal aspects, landing in Germany and the first day in the healthcare facility.

Placement Agency for Qualified Doctors in Germany

Your advantages as our customer (employer in the healthcare sector) use our doctor placement services in Germany

Access to a diverse talent pool

We offer unparalleled access to a diverse talent pool, giving your facility the opportunity to choose from a broad range of highly qualified healthcare professionals. This diversity allows us to respond to your specific needs and preferences and promote a dynamic and skilled workforce.

Efficient hiring process

Our doctor placement agency in Germany streamlines the doctor recruitment process and emphasizes efficiency at every stage. From candidate sourcing to placement, we take a fast and effective approach that ensures timely recruitment of qualified healthcare professionals.

Expertise in regulatory compliance

As one of the leading healthcare physician placement agencies, we have extensive experience in regulatory compliance. By adhering to complex healthcare regulations, we ensure all recruitment meets legal standards, providing you with peace of mind and a smooth recruitment process.

Personalized matching

Our doctor placement agency specializes in individual doctor placement, tailoring our approach to the specific needs of your healthcare facility. By understanding your needs, we ensure a harmonious fit between physicians and your facility to foster a successful and lasting partnership.

Assistance with visas and documentation

For international hiring, our healthcare staffing agency provides essential visa and documentation support. We ensure a smooth transition of the recruited doctors and take care of the complex paperwork and visa processes so that your healthcare organization can focus on seamlessly integrating the new talent.

Ongoing support and communication

Our doctor placement agency goes beyond placement and offers ongoing support and transparent communication. We value ongoing collaboration to address evolving needs, offering advice and a strong partnership. Count on our ongoing support to ensure a lasting connection between your healthcare facility and the recruited doctor.

Recruitment / Placement agency for foreign doctors in Germany

How do we support foreign doctors starting their careers in Germany?

We offer comprehensive support for foreign doctors starting their careers in Germany. Our commitment not only includes successful placement, but also help with integration into the German healthcare system. We support you with the necessary examinations, the necessary protocols, the application for visas, advise you on the regulatory requirements and accompany you throughout the entire recruitment process. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and to make the beginning of the new professional challenge as pleasant as possible for the foreign doctors.

einstellung von aerzten in deutschland

CV review
& initial consultation

Our staffing agency offers a helpful resume review and initial physician consultation. We ensure that your qualifications match the requirements of German healthcare facilities and offer you valuable insights during the consultation.

einstellung von medizinischem personal in deutschland

Support with necessary examinations

We accompany and support you in carrying out the necessary examinations and ensure that the process runs smoothly for the candidates. This comprehensive support ensures that the recruited doctors meet the required qualifications and integrate seamlessly into healthcare practice in Germany.

einstellungen fuer krankenhaeuser in deutschland

Documentation, visas
& integration

We take care of the documentation, visas and the seamless integration of doctors. We take care of the complex paperwork, guide you through the visa processes and facilitate smooth integration. This comprehensive support ensures a smooth transition for recruited physicians.

Contact GloberiaGlobal to find the right doctors for your team or to start your career as a doctor in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions (Doctors)

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GloberiaGlobal specializes in connecting doctors with healthcare facilities in Germany. We streamline the recruitment process and offer you personal support, visa advice and integration assistance.

We recruit for a variety of medical roles including GPs, specialists and other healthcare professionals. Our goal is to match your skills and preferences with suitable job offers. We work for following positions: 

  1. Doctors & Assisstant Doctors.
  2. Nurses & Seniorhome Nurses.
  3. Physiotherapists.
  4. And much more.

We offer comprehensive support, including assistance with the necessary examinations, documentation, visa processes and seamless integration into the German healthcare system.

Yes, GloberiaGlobal actively supports you with the Fachsprachprüfung (FSP). We provide targeted preparation and resources to ensure that doctors coming to Germany can successfully pass the FSP exam. Our support ranges from exam preparation to providing job shadowing opportunities and integration to ensure a smooth transition into the German healthcare system.

GloberiaGlobal offers foreign doctors a wide range of services. These include comprehensive support in finding a job in Germany, assistance in preparing for and successfully completing the specialist language test (FSP), support with visa applications and important examinations as well as smooth integration into the German healthcare system. We are at the candidates' side throughout the entire process to ensure that their career start in Germany is successful and satisfactory.

Most of the services offered by GloberiaGlobal are free of charge for applicants. However, there are some professional services that applicants can benefit from (optional) and which are offered at a very reasonable price. Our aim is to help doctors get off to a smooth start in Germany by providing transparent and cost-effective support.

Frequently Asked Questions (Health Care Employers)

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We work with a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics and physician practices of all sizes. Our recruitment services are customizable to meet the unique needs of each organization.

GloberiaGlobal has experience with healthcare compliance in Germany. We place great emphasis on compliance and offer healthcare employers peace of mind throughout the recruitment process.

We focus on individual matching that takes into account the specific requirements and preferences of both doctors and healthcare facilities. This approach favors successful, long-term partnerships.

GloberiaGlobal provides ongoing support and transparent communication to address changing needs and ensure a strong, lasting connection between healthcare employers and the healthcare professionals they hire.

GloberiaGlobal solves the doctor shortage problem in Germany through its global network. We have access to a diverse pool of highly qualified doctors worldwide. Our international presence enables us to recruit doctors from different countries and successfully integrate them into German healthcare facilities to effectively tackle the doctor shortage.

GloberiaGlobal does not charge any fees to applicants. Our fees for German healthcare employers are always fair and in line with industry recruitment standards. Our pricing is transparent and understandable.

Contact GloberiaGlobal to find the right doctors for your team or to start your career as a doctor in Germany.