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Vermittlungsagentur für ausländische Physiotherapeuten

Recruitment Agency for Foreign Physiotherapists in Germany

Globeria Global: Placement Agency for highly qualified Foreign Physiotherapists in Germany

Strengthen your team with Globeria Global, your placement agency for highly qualified foreign physiotherapists in Germany. We offer tailored solutions for employers looking for talented professionals. Our dedicated team connects you with international physiotherapists who not only have excellent skills, but also an intercultural perspective. With our comprehensive support, you can diversify your team and increase the quality of your services. Rely on Globeria Global to attract world-class physiotherapists and take your team to new levels of excellence.

Required qualifications for the profession of physiotherapist in Germany:

  • Completed training as a physiotherapist.
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications by the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (State Examination Office).
  • German language skills at level B2 / C1.
  • If necessary, participation in an adaptation course or knowledge tests.
  • Registration with the health authority.
  • Several years experience.
Agency for the Recruitment of International Physiotherapists in Germany

Recruitment Process for Physiotherapists from Abroad in Germany

1. Professional Advice

Get professional advice on recruiting foreign physiotherapists for Germany. Our experts support you with tailor-made solutions, navigate through the adaptation process and offer comprehensive support to successfully integrate highly qualified international specialist personnel into your team.

2. Verification of Qualifications and Language

In the second step, qualifications and language skills are carefully checked. We ensure that all international physiotherapists have the necessary qualifications and the necessary knowledge of German. This is how we ensure that your team is optimally staffed and works together efficiently.

3. Selection of Applicants According to the Job Requirements

In our next step, the targeted selection of applicants takes place according to the specific job requirements. We carefully consider qualifications, experience and skills to ensure that each physiotherapist selected is a perfect fit for the requirements of your role and will make a positive contribution to your team.

4. Interview with the Employer

After successful applicant selection, the video interview with the employer follows. Here you have the opportunity to get to know the potential physiotherapist and discuss all relevant details. We will help you make an informed decision and begin a successful professional partnership.

5. Legal advice, Visa, Travel advice

In the next step, our experts offer comprehensive legal advice, support in issuing visas and travel advice. We guide you through the complex process, create legal clarity, support you with visa formalities and offer you travel advice so that your new physiotherapist can work smoothly in Germany.

6. Starting work at the Employer Place

In the final step, the new physiotherapist begins his work at the agreed place of work. We support the seamless transition, ensure that all formalities are completed and remain available to ensure a successful professional integration and a positive start at your institution.

Placement Agency for Physiotherapists from Abroad in Germany

Benefits of working with us when hiring international physiotherapists

A partnership with us offers many advantages when recruiting international physiotherapists. Benefit from tailor-made recruiting solutions, fast and efficient processes and our expertise in integration. Strengthen your team with highly qualified employees and secure a competitive advantage through first-class physiotherapy services in your facility.

Agentur, die internationale Krankenschwestern in Deutschland

Tailored Recruiting Solutions

Benefit from individual recruiting approaches that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our experts offer tailor-made solutions to efficiently and successfully integrate highly qualified international physiotherapy staff into your team.

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Efficient Processes

Our fast and efficient recruiting processes save you time and resources. We ensure a smooth process from selection to integration, so that you can concentrate on a successful collaboration with your new international physiotherapist.


Expertise in Integration

Our many years of experience guarantee a smooth integration of your new specialists. From legal advice to visa support and travel advice – we offer comprehensive help for a successful start for your international physiotherapists in Germany.

Contact GloberiaGlobal to find the right physiotherapist for your team or to start your career as a physiotherapist in Germany.