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Our Services for Recruiting International Hotel Staff for Hotels in Germany

Find out about our comprehensive international hotel recruitment services in Germany. We cover all areas from housekeeping, kitchen staff, maintenance technicians to receptionists and managers. Our experienced team uses a global network to find qualified specialists for your specific needs in all departments. From detailed recruitment to support with visa issuance and integration, we offer a holistic approach. Rely on transparency, efficiency and personalized attention to ensure your hotel team is internationally positioned and ready to provide first-class service in all areas of your business. Rely on our expertise to successfully strengthen your team.

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International Personnel Recruitment for your Hotel Business in Germany
Our Qualified Services

Enhance your hospitality team with our specialist international hotel recruitment services in Germany. We place qualified specialists worldwide and ensure that your hotel benefits from diverse talent. Trust us when it comes to improving your staff and finding qualified employees who are ready to contribute to the success of your hotel in Germany.

Recruitment based on qualifications and skills

Each applicant is carefully and objectively assessed based on their qualifications, talents and experience. To ensure fair recruitment, we do not charge applicants any fees.

Qualified staff for housekeeping, kitchen and administration

The hotel staff we provide is qualified and has the necessary experience in the hospitality industry with knowledge of German language.

Documents and background check

Every hotel staff applicant undergoes a thorough review of their qualifications, credentials, training, experience, good conduct, etc.

Globeria Global Network Advantage

Connect companies with outstanding talent worldwide. Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to identify qualified specialists across international borders.

Visa and legal documentation

Efficient processing of visas, work permits and related legal issues to ensure a smooth recruitment process of hotel staff from abroad.

Work environment training

Our focus on cultural integration ensures a smooth transition for international candidates navigating a new professional environment.

Vermittlungsagentur für Hotelpersonal in Deutschland
It is easier for you to recruit hotel staff from abroad

Our International Recruitment Process Covers Everything from Inception to Final Placement

GloberiaGlobal , your international recruiter in Germany , organizes the recruitment process in three clear steps:


We search for highly qualified hotel professionals worldwide, use advanced search strategies and create a list of candidates.


Potential candidates go through a thorough selection process with interviews and cultural testing to ensure that they not only have the required skills but also fit the company culture.


After successful selection, we bring candidates and companies together in the best possible way during the placement phase.


Our support doesn’t end here; We accompany the onboarding process to ensure a smooth integration. At GloberiaGlobal, we strive for excellence in global talent acquisition to match hotel professionals with suitable career opportunities and help hotels in Germany attract world-class employees. Welcome to a world of unlimited possibilities!


Areas of Recruitment for your Hotel Company:  Housekeeping Staff, Front Desk Staff, Kitchen Staff – Chefs, Kitchen Helpers, Managers – Housekeeping, Front Desk, Operations, Hotel Assistants.

Professional International Recruitment of Housekeeping Staff for Hotels in Germany

Reliable International Recruiting Services

Our reliable international recruitment services offer tailored solutions for companies worldwide. We search for and place highly qualified specialists, ensure transparent selection processes and promote smooth integration. Trust our expertise to find first-class talent and successfully strengthen your team.

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Strong Global

GloberiaGlobal has built a powerful international network that brings together highly qualified housekeeping staff from all over the world to optimally meet the job requirements of German employers.


Industry Standard Hiring Process

GloberiaGlobal focuses on standardizing the recruitment process to ensure efficiency and quality. This is achieved by applying best practices at every step of the hotel housekeeping staff recruitment process.


Solve Staff Storage Issues

As an international recruiter, we effectively solve the challenges of recruiting. Our focus is on offering tailor-made solutions to find highly qualified specialists worldwide and seamlessly integrate them into German facilities.

End staffing shortages now. Contact GloberiaGlobal today to maximize your hospitality business revenue.