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Anwerbung ausländischer Zahnärzte in Deutschland

Recruitment Agency for Dentists in Germany

We help recruit dentists from abroad for healthcare employers in Germany

We support the recruitment of dentists from abroad for healthcare employers in Germany. Our focus is on finding qualified professionals who meet the requirements of the German healthcare system. Through careful selection and collaboration with international experts, we facilitate the recruitment process for German healthcare facilities. Our goal is to meet the need for dentists in Germany while attracting talented professionals from different countries for career opportunities in the German healthcare system. With our expertise, we create a bridge between international dentists and German employers in the healthcare sector.

We specialize in the following,

  • Recruitment of Dentists.
  • Hiring assistant Dentists.
  • Recruitment of Specialist Dentists.
  • Recruiting FSA Certified Dentists.
  • Recruitment of foreign Dentists in Germany.
  • We support foreign Dentists with specialist language exams (FSP) & (KP).
Streamlining the Recruitment Process for Dentists from Abroad on behalf of Employers in Germany

We ensure that there are enough well-trained dentists in Germany - that is our mission


Finding and selecting a Qualified Dentist

Finding and selecting a qualified dentist is critical to long-term oral health. Our services focus on finding the right dentist to meet individual needs. With careful selection, we ensure optimal dental care and create trust in the dental expertise of the selected professional.


Background check of Selected Dentists

Background checking of selected dentists is an essential step in ensuring patients receive the best possible care. Our thorough vetting ensures that the professionals selected have the necessary qualifications and an impeccable reputation. Patient safety and trust are at the heart of our commitment to excellent dental care.


Job offer, Visa and Final recruitment of Dentists

Our service includes job offer, visa support and final recruitment of dentists. We facilitate the entire process by providing work opportunities, assisting with visa applications and ensuring that the final recruitment process goes smoothly. Our goal is to successfully integrate dentists into German healthcare facilities.

Placement Agency for Dentists for German Employers

Our Advantages When you use our Dentist Recruitment Services

Dentist Diverse Pool

Our diverse pool of dentists offers a wide selection of qualified professionals. This diversity makes it possible to better meet individual requirements and specific specialist knowledge. We strive to provide a talented and diverse pool of dentists to best serve the diverse needs of our customers.

Steamline Placement Process

Our streamlined placement process ensures efficient and quick placement of dentists in suitable professional positions. Through targeted selection and transparent processes, we enable a smooth process from the search to the successful placement of dentists in order to effectively meet the healthcare needs of our customers.

Expertise in legal Regulations

Our regulatory expertise forms the basis of our recruitment services. We are familiar with the latest legal requirements and ensure that our healthcare customers always act in accordance with the regulations. This expertise ensures smooth integration of dentists and promotes legal compliance.

Demand-oriented Recruiting Services

Our needs-based recruitment services offer tailored recruitment solutions. Through a targeted analysis of the requirements, we ensure that we identify and successfully integrate the right specialists. Our services are aimed at meeting the specific needs of our customers efficiently and in line with their needs.

Support of Visas & Documents

Our comprehensive support for visas and documents ensures a smooth process for skilled workers and employers. We support you with the application, review and ensure complete document processing. Our dedicated support makes the visa process easier, ensures compliance and enables a smooth start in the new professional environment.

Regular Support even after placement

Our commitment goes beyond placement - we offer regular support even after successful placement. Through continuous exchange and support, we ensure that skilled workers integrate well and employers are satisfied in the long term. Our ongoing support promotes successful professional collaboration.

International Recruitment Agency for Foreign Dentists in Germany

What support do we offer foreign dentists when starting their careers in Germany?

We offer foreign dentists comprehensive support when starting their careers in Germany. Our commitment not only includes successful placement, but also support with integration into the German healthcare system. We help with exams, protocols and visa applications, advise on legal requirements and accompany the entire recruitment process. Our goal is to enable a seamless transition to ensure foreign dentists have a positive start to their new professional challenge.

einstellung von aerzten in deutschland

CV assessment
and initial consultation.

Our staffing agency offers a supportive resume review and initial consultation for dentists. We ensure that your qualifications meet the standards of German healthcare institutions and offer you valuable insights during the consultation.

einstellung von medizinischem personal in deutschland

We offer support with necessary examinations.

We support and accompany you in completing the required exams and ensure a smooth process for the candidates. This comprehensive support ensures that the recruited dentists meet the necessary qualifications and can integrate seamlessly into healthcare practice in Germany.

einstellungen fuer krankenhaeuser in deutschland

Documentation, Cultural Integration
and Visa Support.

We take care of the documentation, visas and the seamless integration of dentists. We handle the complex paperwork, guide you through the visa processes and facilitate a smooth integration. This comprehensive support ensures a smooth transition for recruited dentists.

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