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Discover Your Global Nursing Career with Globeria Global – Your Premier International Nurse Recruitment Agency in Germany. We specialize in connecting skilled nurses worldwide with rewarding opportunities in Germany's healthcare sector. Join us to embark on a fulfilling journey, advancing your career while making a positive impact on healthcare globally.

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Are you faced with the problem of recruiting local nursing staff?

Our services for the recruitment of international nursing staff for German employers

Our international recruitment service for German employers offers comprehensive support in the search for highly qualified and dedicated healthcare professionals. With a global network and a thorough selection process, we identify talented nurses with the necessary German language skills to meet the specific requirements of German healthcare organisations.

Fair Recruitment Process

We do not charge applicants any fees and conduct a fair recruitment process based on talent and qualifications.

Qualified Nurses

All of the nurses we place are qualified and have the required nursing degree and German language skills.

Background Screening

We conduct a background check on every nursing applicant for qualifications, certifications, education, etc.

Global Network

Connect companies with world-class talent across borders. Our extensive network enables us to find qualified specialists worldwide.

Visa and Documentation

Our dedicated team ensures the smooth and efficient processing of visas, work permits, and related documents, enabling a smooth recruitment process.

Cultural Inclusion

Our focus on cultural integration ensures a smooth transition for international candidates navigating a new professional environment.

Vermittlungsagentur für internationale Krankenschwestern
We make the process of recruiting nursing staff from abroad easier

We are committed to our customers' success from start to finish

GloberiaGlobal, the international recruiter in Germany, simplifies the recruiting process into three clear steps.

First, we search for highly qualified specialists worldwide, use advanced search strategies, and create a list of candidates.

In the next step, potential candidates go through a thorough selection process with interviews and cultural suitability tests. We ensure that they not only have the necessary skills but also fit the company culture.

After a successful selection, the placement phase follows, in which we bring candidates and companies together in the best possible way.

Our support doesn’t end here; We accompany the onboarding process to ensure a smooth integration. At GloberiaGlobal, we strive for excellence in global talent acquisition to match professionals with suitable career opportunities and help companies attract world-class employees. Welcome to a world of unlimited possibilities!

Recruitment of nurses

Social services personnel

Senior homes staff

Nurse Assistants

Nursing Assistant


Candidate Search and Examination

Our candidate search uses innovative methods to identify top-notch nurses worldwide. During the selection process, we subject potential candidates to thorough examinations, including interviews and professional assessments. In this way, we ensure that they not only have the necessary skills, but also the ideal fit with the healthcare system.


Interview and Assessment

Our interviews are carefully designed to get to know nursing candidates better. Professional assessments and cultural adaptation tests are integral components. We not only ensure professional qualifications, but also the ideal fit with the healthcare system - a crucial step for successful professional connections.


Offer, Visa and Start of work

After successful selection, support will be provided with contract offers. We accompany the visa process and ensure a smooth start to work in the health system. GloberiaGlobal is committed to ensuring a successful start to the international career of nursing staff - from the conclusion of the contract to the first day of work in the healthcare sector.

Professional international nurse recruitment services

Our High-quality International Recruitment Services

GloberiaGlobal stands out for its first-class international recruiting services. We use innovative search strategies to identify highly talented nurses worldwide and offer a comprehensive selection process. Our services range from the search for nursing staff to successful integration, ensuring the highest quality and the best suitability for German healthcare positions.

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GloberiaGlobal is building an efficient international network that connects highly qualified healthcare candidates worldwide to create an optimal match with the career opportunities available in Germany.

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the Hiring Process

GloberiaGlobal focuses on standardizing the recruiting process to ensure efficiency and quality by applying best practices in every step of recruiting.

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Working Methodology

GloberiaGlobal follows a transparent working methodology to promote clarity and trust. Our transparent processes create open communication for optimal professional connections worldwide.

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