Discover top nursing jobs in Germany and advance your career!

jobs im gesundheitswesen in deutschland

If you want to pursue a rewarding career in nursing and enjoy the benefits of a leading healthcare system, Germany is the ideal choice. Join our community of highly qualified nurses and shape the future of healthcare in a country that focuses on excellence and innovation.

Nursing jobs in Germany for non-EU citizens

Germany has the best healthcare system in the world. The nursing profession in Germany is faced with a shortage of adequately trained healthcare workers, a challenge compounded by a population with growing healthcare needs. Despite the low unemployment rate in Germany compared to other European countries, the demand for nursing professions in Germany is high, which leads to very competitive salaries for nursing staff.

About the healthcare system in Germany

The German healthcare system is recognized worldwide as one of the best and offers outstanding career prospects for nursing staff. Germany relies on high medical standards, innovative technologies and patient-centered care, resulting in first-class healthcare. Nursing professionals who choose a career in Germany not only benefit from a challenging working environment, but also from attractive working conditions and progressive further training opportunities.

In Germany, nursing is a highly valued profession that plays an important role in the healthcare system. Nurses have the opportunity to work in a variety of medical settings, including prestigious hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient services. The job security and the appreciation for the nursing staff are outstanding.

Nursing Jobs in Germany – Best Career Opportunities for Indian Nurses

  • Golden opportunity – come to Germany as a nurse.
  • Working as a nurse in Germany with a world-class healthcare system.
  • Safe life in Germany with your family.
  • Higher salaries for nurse jobs in Germany, nurse is a qualified job category.
  • Free education for your children in a safe environment.
  • Opportunity to improve your career through training.

How do you become a nurse in Germany as a non-European citizen? – Options.

There are two ways to become a nurse in Germany:

1. Nursing profession with a work visa

Eligibility criteria:

Qualified nurses (GNM, at least 3 years), BSc, Post BSc or MSc with a B1/B2 certificate in German can apply.


  • Competitive salary between 2500 and 3000 euros per month.
  • Exemption from the need for a block account (savings of approximately 10,356 euros).
  • No IELTS/TOEFL required.
  • Free accommodation (optional and dependent on the employer’s job offer).
  • Possibility to bring spouse and children after 6 months
  • Have gained work experience in Germany.
  • Access to free educational opportunities for your children in Germany.

2. Nurse training program

Admission requirements:

Nurses (GNM/BSc/Post BSc/MSc) who have a German language certificate at B1 level can apply.


A block account of 10,356 euros is required.


  • Freshers can apply (GNM/BSC/POST BSC/MSC).
  • German certificate at B1 level is required.
  • Comprehensive preparation for B2 and C1 terminology in Germany.
  • Possibility of part-time employment: Earn 1000 ~ 1100 euros/month during the training program.
  • After completing the adjustment program, a competitive salary from 2500 ~ 3000 euros/month.
  • The training program lasts 3 years.
  • The maximum age is 40 years.

Steps to take in India and Germany if you decide to apply for a visa for a direct job as a nurse

In India,

  1. Get help and clear explanations of the process from an international recruitment agency or the agency of your choice.
  2. Sign the training and employment contract or initial contract with the agency.
  3. Have an initial conversation with the employment agency to introduce yourself in detail so that they can help you competently.
  4. Prepare all documents such as qualifications, CV, letters of experience, language certificates, training letters, etc. and send the copies to the agency of your choice or GloberiaGlobal.
  5. GloberiaGlobal arranges your direct interview with employers in Germany.
  6. Make sure your documents are ready by following the Apostille and Translation Agency’s instructions.
  7. Translate all your diplomas and certificates into German.
    1. For every GNM/BSC/Post BSC/MSC degree with apostille, a certified copy of the original and its translation is required. Please certify the translation copy at the German embassy in your country.
    2. The curriculum for nursing studies should contain the total number of practical and theory hours per subject as well as the exact number of hours per week per subject for a career as a nurse in Germany. Submit a certified copy of the original and its translation certified by the German embassy.
    3. Submit a certified copy of the original and its translation (certified at the German Embassy) for the professional examination or license (state license/registration as a nurse).
    4. Submit a certified copy of the original and the German Embassy certified translation for your previous work experience, including information about your place of work and your job description.
    5. Attach certified copies of the original employer recommendations (LOR from employer) and their translations certified by the German Embassy, ​​if available.
    6. If international birth certificates, marriage certificates, or citizenship documents are not available, translate all copies into your language. Provide a certified copy of the original and its translation certified by the German embassy.
    7. Make sure that all copies linked to translations by the translator are certified/certified by a notary/German embassy.
  8. Get notarized copies (legalization) of all your documents from the German Embassy in India.
    1. Grade sheets for 10th and 12th grade
    2. School leaving certificate for the 12th grade
    3. Certificates for each year or semester of nursing education
    4. Nursing Certificate
    5. State nursing registration or license
    6. Birth certificate, marriage certificate or other certificate of name change
  9. Send these documents to GloberiaGlobal for equivalence and employment contract preparation.
  10. If you arrange and attend your visa interview, you can reach language level B2.
  11. As soon as you have your diploma recognized and an employment contract, apply for a visa at the German embassy.
  12. Get your visa and move to Germany.

In Germany (after you land)

  • Accommodation placement (hospital / agency / GloberiaGlobal).
  • (Hospital / Agency / GloberiaGlobal) help register a city with foreign authorities.
  • Start your job as a nursing assistant with a basic salary of 2,000 euros to 2,200 euros.
  • Preparatory registration for the knowledge test.
  • After passing the exam, I changed to a registered nurse, and my salary also increased from 2,500 euros to 3,000 euros.
  • After becoming a trained nurse, you started your career in Germany.